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And another car park that kept flooding in Bournemouth, here we have removed the incorrectly fitted domestic bottle gully and replaced it with a heavy duty car park gully with catchment (silt) bucket, this should firstly cope much better in a downpour situation and also be easily cleaned out by just emptying the bucket.


We were called to overflowing #surface water #drains, as it turned out the cause were tree roots as so often, these ones were particularly long.... these roots will intrude meter on meter down the drain run and slowly destroy the drain pipe...


Planning an #extension? Ensure that your infrastructure is ready for it. Here we have prepared the #drain system for additional #services. A new lateral #connection has been installed into this existing #manhole.


Working in Bournemouth, call out to an overflowing down pipe, unfortunately the outlet of this downpipe was under a brick wall and inaccessible. We had to excavate and trace the pipe work to the soak away and after gaining access to it found it totally blocked up with debris, silt and completely root infested. We managed to remove the root, which was approximately 5 meters long, and got the drains to run again too.


Cleaning a communal drain system in Bournemouth, residents noticed a foul smell, we attended and checked the drain run by carrying out a CCTV drain survey, the pipe work is in very good condition, however a heavy build up of fatty deposits and a mix of food leftovers caused this system to block. We jetted this drain through and all is flowing free as it should. 

Working in Poole, call out for a blocked stack pipe in an office block causing toilets to overflow. Well we found a full set of mechanical springs in the pipe work. A previous contractor obviously failed to retrieve them after attempting to carry out a drain clearance. We managed to hook them up and pull them out of the drain pipe work without causing any disruption to the resident offices. Whilst on site, we descaled the pipe work too, so all is running very smooth now.

Working in Sandbanks / Poole, being called for a blocked down pipe overflowing from the middle section onto balconies and patios, as it turned out this was not just blocked, it was cemented in and therefore not functioning at all. We freed up the pipe work, flushed it all through and connected it all up as it is meant to be, this rain water down pipe is now also serviceable. And we have another very pleased customer!


Working in Bournemouth and Poole, today removed a tree that was growing inside a surface water gully, we admit it did take a while to get it all out and to free the system of the root ingress, now the drain system is running free as it should.

Home Buyer Drain Survey in Ferndown: Unfortunately we had to report that the system is not functional, we discovered fibrous roots in several sections of this drains system, it got as bad as that our camera could not pass; heavy root ingress like this will need to be removed. The new owner can now make an informed decision!


Home Buyer Drain Survey in Weymouth: Unfortunately there are some fibrous roots in the drain system, but fortunately these can easily be removed by high pressure water jetting / root cutting. Whilst on site there was also a blocked interceptor which was cleared as part of our service. Client very happy!

   Roots in the drain system:    

Blocked interceptor:       Cleared Interceptor:

Attending a property in Southbourne - Bournemouth with a blocked toilet, after checking with our drain camera it turned out that the external pipe work was actually broken and had an severe offset joint causing paper and wet wipes to get caught and so blocking up the drain. We carried out a survey to locate the exact location of the problem for our customers, and were then instructed to carry out the repairs. All is sorted out now and all toilets are working fine!

Before:    After:

This week we have been working all over the place in Bournemouth and Poole, clearing blocked drains and toilets. Some stories we hear are worrying, a customer had called a different company before us, who had charged a very large fee to clear (or rather not clear) a blockage, however they did use a chemical which was poured down the pipe work (some of which are freely available from supermarkets), which unfortunately for our customer was not working. We were not surprised to find the initial blockage (hair) still in place and the chemical sitting in the pipe work slowly dissolving the joints of the fittings causing leakages. We were able to help, cleared the blockage and managed to get all leaks sorted out too. We would never recommend to use harsh chemicals to clear a blocked drain, in our experience they cause more harm than good. We can only hope that this article will be read and rogue traders brought to justice. Article By Romy Green

Recently in Poole: Our customer had the incorrect gully gratings fitted in their driveway. We replaced all plastic gully gratings with new heavy duty gully gratings, load bearing up to 25 ton. They will last a good long time!

During:    After: 

Recently in Christchurch: Our client lives on St Catherines Hill and did experience some severe flooding from the Nature Reserve towards the back garden, we were able to assist and installed land drainage to direct the water into the surface water system. Our clients garden is now fully useable and the risk of flood is severely reduced, protecting not just the garden but also the property.

Recently in Poole: Our client had been advised by Wessex Water that his property is discharging foul water into the surface water system, was therefore mis-connected. We provided a clear quotation and were instructed to carry out the works to rectify the drain problem. Some excavation works were necessary to amend the underground drainage pipe and new chambers were installed as well as some new pipe work. We made all disturbed areas good and left the work area clean and tidy as always.



Recently in Winterborne Stickland, Blandford Forum: Our client had an issue between their treatment plant and pump chamber, it appeared to be blocked. We attended to investigate and after clearing the blocked pipe work we carried out a CCTV Drain Survey, which showed that the pipe work had become displaced and was bellied.


Recently in Christchurch: Soakaway Installation. We always take care to cause as little disturbance as possible, the lawn was reinstated after all excavation works as below.



Recently in Boscombe, Bournemouth: Smells coming from the external stack pipe, as we attended site, we found the stack pipe and gully below totally blocked up. We cleared the blockage, flushed through the pipe work and washed down the overspilled area. As always we left the site clean and tidy.

Recently in Bournemouth: Replacement of Manhole Cover. This was an urgent matter as the drain cover was dangerously rusty and very fragile. We installed a new frame and cover, securely cemented the frame into place and also washed down the chamber and drain run whilst on site.

Before:    After:

Recently in Oakdale, Poole: Pump Chamber wash down and sewage removal. The effluent materials at this site were excessive causing the pumps to struggle and trip out. We attended, removed the liquid waste and washed down the entire chamber. Left site clean and tidy and in full working order.

Before:     During:     After:

Recently in Charminster, Bournemouth: Broken Drain Cover in need of replacement. Very rusty manhole cover in a car park, we replaced it with a good quality heavy duty car park drain cover and cemented a new frame in place to make it all save and sound.

Before:     After:

... watch this space, more documented jobs coming soon!

Author: Dorset Property and Drainage Solutions
By Romy Green

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