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CCTV Drain Survey + Drain Report

Are you experiencing problems with blocked up internal or external drains
or do you suspect roots in your drain system? A CCTV drain survey will quickly show the cause of drain issues. We have specialist equipment to carry out a full drain survey for you and we can provide you with detailed information of the problem inside your drain. In many circumstances a simple drain descale will sort it out. *A standard CCTV drain survey carried out by us costs as little as £85.00 and that is VAT free!

Root Infested Drains? Tree or Shrub Root ingress into the Drainage System

Root ingress and can be snagging points, paper and sanitary articles can get caught on it causing blockages or the drain system to overflow, unfortunately extensive jetting of such defects can speed up the deterioration of the system. We can provide you with a solution on how to solve the drain problem to include a quotation for your insurance should you wish to instigate a claim. If the root infestation is not severe it may be sufficient to carry out a high pressure jet root cut, the costs for this may be lower than the excess on your insurance, speak to us to discuss your requirements.

All our quotations are free of charge and drain issues that are being pointed out in our drain survey will be fully documented with color pictures and explained in easy to understand detail. We have nothing to hide - you are welcome to attend the survey whilst it is being carried out to see any issues as soon as they become visible on our drain survey equipment.

Home Buyer Drain Survey

We here at DPDS are proud to provide the most comprehensive reports to our customers, giving full details with pictures to document any drain issues we may have found, all explanations are clearly to understand - no technical jargon. Whether you are already a home owner and would like peace of mind in regards to your external drains, or you wish to have the drains of your future home checked out. Give us a call to book a pre-purchase drain survey today!

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Collapsed or broken Drain? Defective or Fractured Underground Pipe Work?

Feel free to request a quotation from us on how to solve the drain problems you encounter, sometimes it is just the matter of a high pressure root cut or a drain descale, which can be carried out to a fraction of the costs than a drain-reline for example.
Don't be misled by companies suggesting works at excessive costs, always get a second opinion and a comparison quotation on a drain repair.
In the case of a collapsed or broken drain we can also carry out any excavation works necessary or reline a drain run if applicable. We are able to give you the best advice possible and will work with you to find the best solution for your drain problem!


Defective drains and rat and rodent ingress, not a problem from the past!

We can assist you with CCTV survey inspection of drains, pipe, voids and ducts to investigate potential rat access points and rat and rodent ingress. We can locate broken, collapsed or unsealed open drains and pipes allowing rat entry and exit points.

Planning a Refurbishment or Extension to your Property?

For your own peace of mind you should consider to have the existing drains checked out in order to avoid future problems, especially if you are thinking of extending into your garden area, you may obstruct existing drain runs or even cover up existing manholes which can cause issues in the future if they are not accessible. Should there be any issue that needs considering before works commence through your dedicated builder, we can give you the best options on how to re-route existing drain runs. We are working closely with a number of refurbishment companies, who trust our professional judgement - for good reason!

If you wish to find out more or like to instruct us on a survey, please call or email us or use the form on our contact page!

For any Drain Problem call Bournemouth / Poole Office: 01202 922 911
Free Phone 0800 804 4330


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By Romy Green