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Blocked Drain Cleaning | Drain Repair Service Dorset

Emergency Blockage Removal, Blocked Toilet Drain Clearance
Kitchen / Bathroom waste pipe clearance, Sink - Shower - Bath unblocking
FreePhone 0800 804 4330
fast response time, usually within 20 min
Trading Standards Approved Drain Service

Your local trader providing a 24 hour Drain Emergency Service to include unblocking blocked drains, unclog toilets or sinks, help with clearance of blocked drains using either mechanical tools or high pressure water jetting to remove blockages and to descale drains or in the case of a broken or collapsed drain, we can repair any drainage issue you may experience, we also refit / replace loose or damaged drain covers. Our Drain Cleaning Service serves Bournemouth, Poole, Ringwood, Ferndown and surrounding areas, super fast arrival, usually within 20 minutes.

We cover all aspects of drain issues and find a solution for you, our friendly team will help with any drain problem, from smelly drain investigation to blocked drain clearance, like blocked bath or shower waste pipe, emergency drain unblocks, drain high pressure water jetting, high pressure water jet root removal and root cutting, CCTV drain survey (Home Buyer Drain Survey). Drain pipe repairs of all internal + external drainage systems to the clearance and also installation of stack pipes, rainwater down pipes, channel drain, soakaway, inspection chambers, manhole covers (inspection chamber covers) and gullys as well as excavation and repairs of cracked or collapsed drains, drain replacement + installation and trench-less (no dig) drain lining (or drain re-lining). Any drain issue sorted by your local trader - we pride ourselves with local authority approval and excellent customer service no matter how small your drain problem may be.

Full Drainage Service for all your drainage needs:

  • Emergency Blocked Drain Service

  • Drain Unblocking / Clearance / Cleaning

  • Sinks, Baths, Showers, Toilets, Urinals, Gully's

  • Kitchen and Bathroom waste pipe work cleaning, clearance, unblock

  • CCTV Drain Survey and Drainage Inspection

  • Home Buyer Drain Survey and Report

  • Sewer Inspection

  • Vermin / Rat Intrusion through drain pipe work investigation

  • Drain Maintenance and Management

  • Drain De-Scale, Drain High Pressure Water Jetting

  • Drain De-Silting

  • Stack pipe, Surface Water pipe work cleared and maintained

  • Drain Root Removal / Root Cutting

  • Drain Renovation, Drain Excavation, Drain Renewal and Drain Repairs

  • No Dig / Trenchless Drain Refurbishments

  • Interceptor Removal

  • Flood Prevention

  • French Drainage / Land Drainage / Garden Drainage

  • Drain Re-Lining / Drain Lining

  • Drain Pipe Re-Routing / Relay

  • Inspection Chamber + Manhole Installation

  • Refit lose drain cover

  • Drain Cover, Inspection Chamber Cover + Manhole Cover Replacement

  • Surface Water Drain Installation / Channel Drain Installation

  • Soak Away Installation

  • Smelly Drain Investigation

  • Overflowing drains attended

  • Treatment Plant Installation

  • Preventative Drain Maintenance

  • Grease Traps serviced, repaired and replaced

  • Pest Control / Rat Blocker Installed

  • Waste Pipe Connections (including Washing Machines)

  • Waste Pipe Re-Routing / Sink Waste Connections and Re-routing


Water Services call our Specialist Water Solutions Division -

  • Water Leak Detection, Burst Pipe Repair

  • Low Water Pressure Issues resolved

  • Lead Pipe Replacement

  • Burst Water Supply Pipe Repair

  • Water Supply Pipe Installation & Water Service Connection

  • Water Supply Pipe Re-Routing

  • Flood Damage Repairs

  • Flood Prevention

We cover all BH Postcodes, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your drainage needs any time any day we are here for you!

BH1 Town Centre, BH1 Springbourne, BH1 East Cliff, BH1 Boscombe, BH2 Bournemouth Central, BH2 West Cliff, BH3 Talbot Woods, BH3 Winton, BH4 Westbourne, BH4 Branksome Woods, BH5 Boscombe, BH5 Pokesdown, BH6 Southbourne, BH6 Tuckton, BH6 Wick, BH7 Littledown, BH7 Iford, BH12 Newtown, BH13 Canford Cliffs, BH13 Sandbanks, BH13 Branksome Park, BH8 Malmesbury Park, BH8 Charminster, BH8 Queens Park, BH8 Strouden Park, BH8 Townsend, BH9 Winton, BH9 Moordown,, BH9 Throop, BH9 Muscliff, BH10 Kinson, BH10 Northbourne, BH10 Redhill, BH10 Ensbury Park, BH10 Wallisdown, BH11 Kinson,, BH11 Bear Cross, BH11 West Howe, BH11 Wallisdown, BH12 Branksome, BH12 Alderney, BH12 Upper Parkstone, BH14 Lower Parkstone, BH14 Lilliput, BH14 Penn Hill, BH15 Town Centre, BH15 Hamworthy, BH15 Oakdale, BH16 Upton, BH16 Turlin Moor, BH16 Lytchett Minster, BH16 Lytchett Matravers, BH17 Canford Heath, BH17 Creekmoor, BH18 Broadstone, BH19 Swanage, BH20 Wareham, BH21 Wimborne, BH22 West Moors, BH23 Christchurch, BH24 Ringwood, BH25 New Milton, BH31 Verwood

Author: Dorset Property and Drainage Solutions
By Romy Green